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My decisions to eat are dictated by hunger and health. Many people eat based on emotion and cravings but, I am free of these issues. I only eat what my body needs to function in a healthy manner.

I eat when I feel hungry and avoid eating more than I need to feel full.

On those rare occasions I overeat, I ensure that I eat less at the next meal. It is all about balance.

The types of foods I choose to eat are based on health. I favor foods that encourage good health and allow me to be at my best.

I know that eating unhealthy foods has a negative impact on my health, energy, and mood. Sometimes, I am tempted to eat foods that I know are unhealthy, but I am able to avoid acting on these urges.

I feel good about myself when I make smart food choices.

I avoid using food as a means of medicating my anxiety, loneliness, boredom, or other negative emotions. I have oth...

Luckily, I have complete control over what I consume. Although eating is a behavior I must do for the sake of my health, I find myself feeling thankful that only I decide what to eat today. And I take that power seriously.

I consider my body to be a temple, so I make it a point to take care of it. I get proper rest, drink plenty of water, and eat food that easily converts to fuel.

The best way for me to ensure I have enough energy to get me through the day is to consume a diet chock full of the nutrients necessary to live an active lifestyle.

My physical strength is also determined by the types of foods I eat. I include plenty of proteins and fiber in my meals to help keep me strong.

I recognize that there’s a direct connection between the nutrients in my foods and how good I feel physically and emotionally on any given day. For this reason, I engage in an...

My diet is designed in a way to sustain me. I have a healthy relationship with food because I see its value when I make appropriate meal choices. I choose to provide my body with nutrients and energy. My days at work are more productive when I eat natural and fresh foods. They keep my brain sharp, so I am able to concentrate on my tasks.

Although I sometimes have cravings for junk food, I only give in to these cravings every once in a while. It is important for my optimal health to eat these foods sparingly. I avoid being controlled by what I eat. When my emotions are high, I ignore the urge to eat a lot of sugar. Although it sometimes gives me an energy boost, that lasts for only a short while. My food choices give me long-term vitality.

Sometimes I gain weight during the colder seasons, but I avoid feeling disheartened by it. I stay away from starving...

I make exercise part of my daily routine. Staying physically active strengthens my body and mind. I feel fit and energetic. I even look better! My spirits soar as exercise boosts my mood. I become cheerful and relaxed. My morning commute seems less stressful, and I have more patience with my children and coworkers. I return home from work eager to hang out with friends instead of falling asleep in front of the TV.

I maintain a healthy weight by eating nutritious foods and burning off calories naturally. I strengthen my bones and build up endurance. I run and bike to condition my heart. I do yoga to increase my flexibility, and push ups to tone my muscles. I find a variety of activities that I like so I can keep my motivation high year round. I swim and play volleyball on the beach in the summer.

In the winter, I bike indoors or stay warm inside on my tr...

I am resolute in my goal to be healthier. I know my diet largely determines my health, so I am changing my diet habits for the better. I am focused on making this diet change a permanent addition to my life.

My old diet habits are over. My new diet habits are healthier and smarter. I make wise choices each time I face a snack or meal. I select the best foods for my body to keep it healthy. I pick out items that give me strength and energy. I am changing my diet to stay in good physical and mental shape. My choices matter, so I am learning to avoid temptation and focus on healthier alternatives like fruits and vegetables. I understand food is fuel, and junk food is an item that is no longer on my approved snacking list.

My friends and family recognize I am making a serious change in my diet to stay healthy. They are supporting me throughout the process a...

Staying physically strong is important to me. When I ponder my physical state, I realize the power I have to create and maintain the healthy body I want. I engage in an active lifestyle. I ask myself each day what I can do to stay in good health. Taking part in physical activity is number one on my list. The more I move my body, the better chance I have to live a long, healthy life.

I participate in a wide variety of physical activities to keep me interested. Some days, I yearn for the peace and serenity of doing yoga, walking outdoors, or using the treadmill. Other days, I partake in high-energy activities like spinning classes, aerobics, or weightlifting. When the weather allows, I find joy in kayaking, bike-riding, and jogging. As I exercise, I think of how my body is changing and getting stronger.

When I stay active, my physical and emotional selves...

When I give my body downtime I am able to recharge and become more centered.
Because I get the rest I need and make relaxation a priority in my life I am abundantly peaceful. My tranquility surrounds my life and I am better able to handle all situations that come my way.

I am recharged when I take time to pursue my hobbies. Even though I am an adult, my playtime is important to me.Taking the time to go on a bike ride down the river trail or going out with friends makes me feel refreshed. I can release any stress that I may have because I can recharge myself.

My body requires rest and sleep to function at its highest potential. That’s why I take care of myself by making sure I get my rest. Resting my body allows my mind to be clear so I can embrace my peaceful state.

Tonight I will take my time in preparing for sleep instead of rushing through my routine. I...

Clients always ask me, "How should I eat after my Juice Cleanse?" Start by eating healthy foods such as raw veggies, fruits, and salads. Then gradually incorporate steamed veggies, and sauteed veggies. For protein add tuna, or lean chicken breast, or turkey or salmon.

Another Question is, "How often can I do a Juice Cleanse?"
You can do a Juice Cleanse whenever you feel bloated, sluggish, tired, constipated, and/or stressed (yes stressed!)
Or when you just feel like you want to Detox because you have been eating bad (junk food, fast food) for awhile.

Its always good to Start with a 3 Day Organic Juice Cleanse.

Before Starting your Juice Cleanse
We suggest you start eating light meals at least 3 days or more before you start. Then eat just veggies, fruits, and/or salad the day before the cleanse. This will prepare for body for a true detox.

How shoul...

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