Our Story

Its been over 5 years since I opened a wellness spa which is now a  wellness Juice Bar and over 3 years since I have had the opportunity to help clients loss weight and become healthy through juicing raw blended green juice. Overall I have had the opportunity to work with over four thousand clients and over five hundred military clients. Most of my experience is from helping these clients lose weight, fight off diseases like diabeteshypertension, and obesity. I decided to share my work experience, personal knowledge, and extensive research with you.

I teach people to pay attention to their bodies, study your body and first learn how it feels when you eat certain foods. Start paying attention to what you eat. I call this my first Secret to a successful weight loss, which is Awareness. First be aware of what goes in your mouth. Ask yourself, am I eating this to nourish my body or am I eating this out of habit or am I eating this to fulfill some desire, emotion, or stress. 

My goal is to impact you with my personal and professional experiences and hope that you would apply it to your health and weight loss journey so that you too will live a healthy, fit, vibrant, and confident lifestyle.


Gaea Juice specialty is Raw Juice Cleanse. Our small batch juices are made from 100% raw vegetables and fruits, are packed with nutrients, phytonutrients, vitamins, antioxidants, and are FREE from additives, preservatives, artificial flavors, and no additional sugars. Cleanse users experience benefits including weight loss, clearer skin, better sleep, stronger immune systems, lower cholesterol, and higher energy levels. The all-natural and delicious Juice Cleanses come in packs of 3 Day, 5 Day, 7 Day & 14 Day Juice Cleanse Programs. They are available for In-Store Pick-Up and Local Delivery.

Our Mission

Our Mission is to Serve Super Raw Juice Cleanse! Our Juices are all Natural, Organic, No Added Sugar, No Artificial Flavors, and No Preservatives. 

Our Vision

At Gaea Juice our Vision is to create a simple way of incorporating raw fruits and vegetables into your everyday life.

Our Philosophy

Eat Raw, Live Healthy