I am confident in my ability to modify my diet

January 17, 2020

I am resolute in my goal to be healthier. I know my diet largely determines my health, so I am changing my diet habits for the better. I am focused on making this diet change a permanent addition to my life.


My old diet habits are over. My new diet habits are healthier and smarter. I make wise choices each time I face a snack or meal. I select the best foods for my body to keep it healthy. I pick out items that give me strength and energy. I am changing my diet to stay in good physical and mental shape. My choices matter, so I am learning to avoid temptation and focus on healthier alternatives like fruits and vegetables. I understand food is fuel, and junk food is an item that is no longer on my approved snacking list.


My friends and family recognize I am making a serious change in my diet to stay healthy. They are supporting me throughout the process and giving me useful suggestions. My diet affects how I feel, think, and move. I am confident in my abilities to make the necessary adjustments to the foods I eat.


Today, I intend to focus on changing my diet for better health.


Self-Reflection Questions:


1. How can I help my family understand the importance of my diet?

2. How can I convince coworkers to join me in changing their diet habits?

3. How can I ignore my old diet habits and stay focused on my new goals?


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