I eat only what I need

January 17, 2020

 My decisions to eat are dictated by hunger and health. Many people eat based on emotion and cravings but, I am free of these issues. I only eat what my body needs to function in a healthy manner.

I eat when I feel hungry and avoid eating more than I need to feel full.

On those rare occasions I overeat, I ensure that I eat less at the next meal. It is all about balance.

The types of foods I choose to eat are based on health. I favor foods that encourage good health and allow me to be at my best.


I know that eating unhealthy foods has a negative impact on my health, energy, and mood. Sometimes, I am tempted to eat foods that I know are unhealthy, but I am able to avoid acting on these urges.

I feel good about myself when I make smart food choices.


I avoid using food as a means of medicating my anxiety, loneliness, boredom, or other negative emotions. I have other ways of managing these emotions that preserve my health.


Today, I choose foods with my health in mind. I eat nutritious foods in sensible portions and limit my intake to what my body requires for the next several hours. I eat what my body needs to stay in peak condition.


Self-Reflection Questions:

1. When am I most likely to overeat or to eat unhealthy foods?
2. What emotions do I feel before I eat poorly?
3. What are some ways I can deal with these triggering emotions?



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